Using littleBits for robots

littleBits is an electronic building set. It allows you to plug together various electronic parts to quickly build a device.

I’ve been using a littleBits set to build robots. So far, I’ve only built robots involving simple parts–I haven’t used an Arduino, so there’s no programming involved.

The littleBits sets are nice for being able to very quickly put together a robot idea. I can build a robot in a few minutes max, for something complicated (less for simpler robots).

There are multiple sensors: light, temperature, a bend sensor which could be used as a bump sensors, and a sound sensor. For motors, there are both DC motors and servos available.

The kits are lightweight and the connections are made with magnets, so any robot can’t lift or move a great deal of weight, but they are useful for prototyping a design.

They don’t offer a specific robots kit, but the Gear and Gizmos kit is what I used. It has two DC motors plus a servo and some other controls.

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