Open Letter to Electors

In the past few days, Mr. Trump has worked on destabilizing the world.

He called the president of Taiwan and referred to her as “the President of Taiwan” in a Twitter post, which is a reversal of a 40-year old U.S. policy towards Taiwan. The U.S. government (and China and Taiwan itself) agree that there is only one China and do not officially recognize Taiwan as a separate country. He then doubled down with tweets provoking China. At the very least, this is going to raise tensions with China, if not lead to economic or other forms of war.

Mr. Trump called Pakistan’s Prime Minister Sharif and promised to “play any role you want me to play”. I expect Pakistan to interpret this as support for taking over Kashmir, which will lead to war with India. India and Pakistan are both nuclear powers, so we may have a nuclear war breaking out soon after Mr. Trump takes office.

Europe is hanging by a thread. The UK is working on leaving the European Union. Italy voted against constitutional reforms. Greece is struggling under the austerity measures imposed by Germany. All of Europe is dealing with the refugee crisis.

Between Mr. Trump’s admiration for Putin and rejecting NATO, it’s likely the Baltic nations and Ukraine will fall to Russia. Poland is also worried about a Russian invasion.

What kind of future do you want to leave for our children and grandchildren?

Please consider your vote carefully.

Scott MacHaffie

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